House rules

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House rules for condominium owners

Every condominium owner and his dependants form together with the other condominium owners an owner community. Every member of such an owner community must therefore participate in ensuring a peaceful co-existence through mutual respect.
The house rules should help to foster a good and respectful co-existence of all property owners and to secure the maintenance of and care for the common property. It does not serve the purpose of limiting the rights of the owners. Therefore regulations concerning questions, which refer to the maintenance and care of individually-held property, are not dealt with, because this is anyway in the own interest of each condominium owner.

The co-owners accept the following house rules:

Every co-owner has to make sure that his family and company members, as well as his guests, visitors and tenants comply with the house rules.

  1. Maintenance:
    Every condominium owner is as a co-owner of the entire real estate in his own interest, as well as in the interest of the owner community obliged to maintain his condominium in good conditions. Every occupant is bound to fix all damages within his flat or let them be fixed at his own expense. For damages which occur in common rooms like for example in the staircase, basement etc. every occupant who caused the damage, has to cover it. If the causer of the damage cannot be identified, the repair has to be covered by every owner. All damages caused must be reported to the house management immediately.

  2. Constructional changes:
    Changes of the building condition which are subject to approval must be authorized by the building authority. Before the realisation of any changes the approval of the property management, who is representing the interests of the owner community, is required.

  3. Use of the common parts of the housing estate:
    The parts of the housing estate which are common property must be used with care and occurring damages have to be communicated to the property management. The obstruction of access roads to the houses with cars is prohibited. These must only be parked at the designated parking spaces. Corridors, stairs and other common areas have to be kept clear. Electric meter boxes must not be obstructed and have to be kept accessible any time. Emergency management facilities like e.g. fire alarms, fire extinguishers and escape facilities must be accessible for everyone. The main tap for water and gas must only be operated by authorized persons. The affixing of boards, announcements, flower pots as well as radio and TV antennas and satellite dishes on roofs, exterior walls and corridors requires an approval by the property management. Every occupant is liable for installing such objects or for arranging the installation.

  4. Cleaning of the common parts of the housing estate:
    The cleaning of the common areas, the maintenance of the outdoor area, the checking of the rubbish containers, as well as the maintenance tasks in winter are carried out by a house caretaker.

  5. Heating:
    In case of non-use of the condominium a minimum temperature of + 6 degrees Celsius has to be maintained. The heating costs of the common rooms are proportionately calculated. The windows and doors of rooms, where water pipes are located, have to be closed in case of the danger of frost.

  6. Garbage collection:
    The garbage collection is organized by the property management. In case of bulky goods, the property management has to be informed in order to arrange for their removal. The costs are covered by the waste producer..

  7. Storage rooms and attic:
    Inflammable objects (oil, fuel, etc.) must not be kept within the storage rooms. Smoking and dealing with open flames within these rooms as well as in all other rooms, where easily inflammable objects are kept, are forbidden due to fire protection considerations and the general insurance conditions for fire insurances.

  8. Laundry room:
    The use of the laundry room is only allowed from 7:00 until 22:00. The washing machine and the dryer have to be treated with care (see instruction manual). After usage of the appliances they must be cleaned.

  9. Balconies:
    The storage of bigger pieces of furniture and objects of utility on balconies (loggias), as well as the hanging up of laundry outside of the balcony parapet is basically not allowed. Carpet beating on the balconies is prohibited. When watering flowers care has to be taken that no water drops on the balconies located underneath.

  10. Mutual respect:
    Mutual respect should be most important for all co-owners. Disturbing noise should be avoided in the interest of all condominium owners. Everyone has to respect the common rest period from 22:00 to 7:00. Within this time all activities, which might disturb people’s rest, have to be stopped. On Sundays and on public holidays the need for rest of the other occupants should be particularly respected, also when critically ill people are living in the house. Children are not allowed to play and make noise in the staircase area and on the corridors. The common garden areas and lawns are not for playing or lying down – only if they have been explicitly designated for that purposes.
    Mutual respect is especially necessary if radio and TV appliances, gramophones, musical instruments, household and bath appliances and equipment are used and if pets are kept. Every condominium owner should participate in making sure that the house and the common entrances and areas give a clean and well-maintained impression.

  11. Keeping of animals:
    The keeping of cats, dogs and other small animals can be prohibited if the owner community is harmed because of these animals. Animals must not run around freely in the common garden and on the lawn. The pet owner has to remove any dirt in the common areas and rooms caused by the animal.

  12. Closing of the common rooms:
    As far as possible the doors of the common rooms should always be locked by the owners after leaving. The entrance door has to be locked with the snap after 20:00.