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As property managers we are required by the law to take out building insurance, which offers sufficient protection of the following risks: fire, natural hazards, liability and water pipe damages. Within the scope of this insurance all damages of the building and all things, which are fixed to the building (e.g. tiled floors, parquet floors glued carpeting ... ) are insured. Not insured are your private contents and the furnishing of your flat. You should take out contents insurance to cover those matters. We would be happy to advice you about the proper and partly very complicated insurance conditions!!!

As property managers we manage your insurance contracts, we assure you continuous value adjustments and sufficient coverage and we deal with possible damage claims.

Fire insurance:

We insure our managed properties for the construction value against fire. This insurance covers fire and lightning damages, damages through explosions and airplane crashes.
Often additional costs like clean-up costs,  removal expenses, extinguishing or disposal expenses are forgotten.
These sometimes immense costs are insured too through our contracts! We point out that things, which were built in your flat additionally by yourself, e. g. wood panelling, decoration rugs, furniture, etc. are not included in the insurance.

Real property insurance:

It can happen that persons are injured, killed or things are damaged on your property or through parts of your property (e. g. falling wall or roof parts, an inappropriately cleared doorway, etc.). Because of this we also have an insurance protection in the  form of a liability insurance. Even if a damage occurs through an oil tank, which is situated inside the house, this damage is covered.

Water pipe insurance:

Principally we have taken out insurance of the variant C for you (incl. seal and corrosion damages). This insurance covers burst pipes, blockage, seal and corrosion damages. All feed and delivery pipes which are located in the walls are insured too, apart from private fittings (water taps, shower heads etc) these must be included in your private contents insurance.

Claims notification:

In the event of damage, please inform us immediately. Our staff members take up the claim, take a photo if necessary, make a claim notification to the property insurance company and if necessary ask for an expert. Likewise we also coordinate the processing between the real property insurance and your privat contents insurance company.

Contents iInsurance:

We point out, that fixtures and private contents in your flat aswell as your vehicle in a basement garage are not included in the insurance. It is recommended that you take out contents insurance. This insurance covers the risk of glass breakage, house breaking, private liability    etc. Several products are offered on the market. It is recommened that you compare the different offers thouroughly. Please ask your insurance agent, but naturally we would also be happy to answer your questions!!