Obligation to remove snow and to grit

HOTLINE: Hotline 0043(0)6542 68262 - 0

Public pavements

Traffic areas within the estate

Footpaths within the estate (e.g. connecting paths from the public pavement to the house, between building wings or to the rubbish containers) also have to be cleared and gritted according to the corresponding width (if necessary also other traffic areas like access roads, parking areas and others).

Gritting / defrosting agent

For gritting abrasives (especially grit, chippings) have to be used. Sawdust, debris, cinders and the like are not suitable.

Snow cornices and ice-formations on roofs

Until removal (immediate instigation!) the public thouroughfares at risk have to be secured (caution poles!). For houses with house caretakers the caretakers are responsible for the monitoring, for houses without a house caretaker all property owners are required to monitor the situation and in case of snow cornices or icicles to immediately inform the property management!!!