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We are keen to keep our managed properties with respect to the safety of the playgrounds, fire protection facilities, elevators, garages up to date.

Therefore ongoing checks and technical safety inspections are conducted, or we organise these for our owners and tenants. Continued training of our staff members guarantee the optimal usage of the available technical possibilities.


The playgrounds are checked at least once per year by our house care takers or house caretaking companies, in order to be able to detect safety deficiencies and to eliminate dangers in time. Furthermore we recommend to inspect the playgrounds every year by the TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) and to check the statutory provisions and standards (height of fall, falling spaces, risk of injury through equipment). In case of deficiencies or statutory changes of safety provisions we assign them straight away to make sure that our playgrounds do not pose a danger for children. To our occupants we appeal to keep their pets off the playgrounds. Unfortunately we often experience that sand pits are misused as dogs litter pans , this poses an enormous health risk for our children!!!


In our managed properties we have renovated nearly all elevators according to the new Elevator Act in the last years.

Garage doors:

The safety of the garage doors is of great value to us. On the one hand because bigger properties have a more frequent door-opening frequency and on the other hand they are often damaged willfully. Often owners or tenants approach us because the garage doors sometimes do not work.
But it has to be noted, that mechanically moving parts like springs, ropes, couplers have to resist a maximal door-opening frequency of 70.000-80.000 movements and also the drive motors have to resist great strains. Thereby small defects are unfortunately unavoidable, but we are trying our best to keep the susceptibility to damage through regular servicing as low as possible.

Fire protection facilities:

These include fire alarm systems, smoke vents, fire extinguishers, escape route markings, fire hose stations, fire protection doors and gates, staircase fire smoke vents, etc.

These facilities are regularly serviced and checked according to the provisions. We attach great importance to these fire protection facilities, because the safety of our owners and tenants is at stake! Ongoing controls are conducted by our house caretakers.
Furthermore we have closed servicing contracts for the several installations and naturally they are continually checked by our technicians. We also keep in touch with the responsible authorities to make sure that there are no shortcomings or failures.