House caretaker

HOTLINE: Hotline 0043(0)6542 68262 - 0

House caretaker services

  1. Cleaning of the staircase area from the basement to the upper floor at least one time per week (sweeping and wet mopping). If necessary it has to be wet mopped additionally (e. g. in winter or after long rains etc.).
  2. Cleaning of the basement corridor as far as the laundry room and cleaning the laundry room itself.
  3. Checking for any damages of the house and the lighting appliances (broken bulbs have to be replaced).
  4. Cleaning (sweeping) of the outdoor area, the parking area and the entrances of the houses have to be swept. In winter these areas have to be cleared of snow and gritted. The regulations of the Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO) apply. The house caretaker confirms that he has received the corresponding information sheet from the property management.
  5. In winter monitoring of the whole housing estate for the build-up of snow and icicles in the range of the rain spouts. Snow cornices and ice formations are dangerous; the property management must be informed immediately. If the property management cannot be reached, our partner company has to be assigned with the removal straight away.
  6. Cleaning of all windows in the staircase area and in the laundry room.
  7. Checking the rubbish containers as well as cleaning them. The container area has to be kept clean.
  8. Before giving out repair orders to external companies the property management has to be consulted.
  9. Maintaining shrubs, trees and flowers on the common area next to the house. The common lawn next to the house has to be mowed. The gravel must be kept free of weeds and dirt.